The Point of Care Foundation


Radical improvement in the way we care and are cared for


Our mission is to humanise healthcare.

We achieve this by working to improve patients’ experience of care and increase support for the staff who work with them.


  • Innovative and inspirational

  • Practical and supportive

  • Based on best evidence

  • Independent and transparent

  • Committed to what we do


We operate three main programmes. We provide training to support the establishment and implementation of Schwartz Rounds; our person-centred quality improvement work is run through our Sweeney Programme; and we run a programme on skills and leadership in patient experience, including our Heads of Patient Experience (HOPE) network and a professional development course on Foundations in Patient Experience.


Our work grew out of the Point of Care programme at The King’s Fund (2007-2013) and maintains an evidence-based approach.

We became an independent charity in 2013.  Our work has continued to grow quickly since publication of the Francis Report, which detailed the shocking failings in patient care at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust between 2005-09.

Sir Robert Francis has served as a trustee of the Foundation since we became an independent charity.

For full details of our staff and trustees, and for more on each of our programmes, visit the Point of Care Foundation website.